Getting one animal to pose nicely for a photo is already a challenge. What more if you got more than a dozen?

A woman in her thirties accomplished the ultimate feat for any animal lover. She managed to get all of her 17 pets to sit quietly for the camera.

Kathryn Smith shared that achieving the unbelievable family paw-trait was not that easy. It took her two weeks before she finally got the perfect shot with all the nine cats and eight pooches facing the camera. Between the two animals, Kathryn said that involving the cats proved to be more difficult.

Several warm-up photos showed the eight dogs behaving well in their respective places. To involve the cats, meanwhile, Kathryn had to offer treats to the felines hoping they get back into place. She dashed back and forth with her camera on standby as she hauled the cats back several times.

A split-second snap

Kathryn said it took her three failed attempts before she eventually managed to get her cats into position and captured a photo portrait of the 17 pets in a split second. She was so happy when she realized she captured the ‘perfect shot.’

According to Kathryn, the experience taught her the meaning of ‘herding cats.’ The phrase, she said, means you have to keep picking them up and putting them back until they stayed. The young lady from Wales, UK, is an animal lover who has three German Shepherds under her care. She also has a Yorkshire Terrier Maltese, a mongrel, and three border collies.

Aside from the nine cats, Kathryn also has a baby hedgehog, four budgies, and several fishes. She shared that people coming over to their house are usually shocked upon realizing the number of pets they have.

The incredible paw-trait

Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media



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