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Putting a microchip on a dog is hugely beneficial, especially in this age and time because, as dog lovers, you will not know when your dog will go missing.

When a dog is microchipped, this gives a higher chance that the dog would be found if ever he or she goes missing.

This dog, a former stray that was brought to the OKC Animal Welfare, is the embodiment of this narrative. For over ten years, Lela, a senior Boxer, has been missing. Her former owner Crystal Fentress has been looking for her for quite some time now.

When Lela arrived at the OKC Animal Welfare, the volunteers noticed that the dog has a microchip. This gave the volunteers some glimmer of hope that they will find the dog’s owner. The volunteers then contacted the company from where the chip came from.

With the microchip still active, the technician tried to look for the whereabouts of Lela’s former owner. However, since the chip is no longer updated, the task of getting information became hard. The technician, though, still tried and found that a certain Crystal Fentress was the registered owner of Lela.

They then contacted Fentress to verify. At first, Fentress could not believe what she heard when the technician told her about the pooch. She then asked whether the dog’s name was Lela. The technician confirmed that it was indeed Lela.

Fentress then shared with the volunteers what the story of Lela is. For over ten years now, Fentress has been actively looking for the dog after the day Lela went missing. When she heard of the news that Lela is with the animal shelter, she was shocked.

According to Fentress, she did not expect that the reunion will happen after ten years. Nonetheless, she is delighted to reunite with the dog. When they met again, the pooch still recognized Fentress, and this warmed her heart.

Posted by Morgan Epperson on Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Credits to Morgan Epperson.


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