Great things start from small beginnings and such is the case for a stray dog who followed a flight attendant for six months.

Olivia Sievers was working as a flight attendant in Buenos Aries when she met the stray dog named Rubio. She found him endearing because he was sweet and obedient. She played with him and gave him food before returning to her hotel.

In good company

Sievers thought she was just by herself when she was walking back to the hotel. Little did she know that Rubio was overwhelmed with the affection she showed him. He decided to follow her.

Sievers tried not to give this a lot of thought. She did, however, change her route on her way home the next day so Rubio can’t follow her. Turns out the stray dog was one step ahead because he found her and followed her again. It was just impossible for Sievers to hide from Rubio because he always found her.

The dog seemed really happy and grateful that Sievers fed him and gave him attention. He spent hours each day waiting for Sievers just so he can follow her home.

The adoption

A few months passed and it was time for Sievers to go back to Germany. Heartbreaking as it was, she had to bid her good friend goodbye. The dog, however, was so persistent that he did not give up. In the next six months, whenever Sievers was in Buenos Aries, Rubio would be there to greet her. It’s as if all he ever did was wait for her so he can follow her again.

Sievers tried to find a local home for Rubio, but to no avail. This made her realize the inevitable: Rubio was meant to be with her. She decided to process his adoption papers so he can officially be part of her family. Watch their story here:

Credits to CNN



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