Glenn Foden dreamt of buying a service dog for his daughter. She was neurologically impaired, and Foden figured that the service dog might make life easier for her.

Unfortunately, the political cartoonist had an aneurysm. His death was so sudden that he did not get to fulfill his dream.

Meeting Rosalee

Teresa, Foden’s wife, allowed herself to grieve for months after his death. She had a lot of realizations when she was ready to go out of the house again.

One of which was to prioritize the search for the perfect service dog for their daughter, Hanna.

Her search for the service dog led her to Rosalee. The service dog was donated to Teresa’s family. This took a huge chunk off her financial concerns.

Rosalee still had to undergo training and since this required an investment. Teresa opened a GoFundMe account. She uploaded the dog’s photo online in the hopes that it will help her raise funds.

The power of social media

Teresa’s goal was to raise $4,000. This amount would cover Rosalee’s food, medical needs, and training. She was so surprised when she found out that she surpassed her goal. She raised $6,000 in just four days!

All Teresa could do was thank everyone who shared her GoFundMe link and donated some money. The kindness shown by the people who stepped in allowed her to prepare Rosalee for her service dog duties.

A well-bonded pair

Rosalee helps Hanna accomplish simple tasks. She picks up things that Hanna drops by accident, and she guides Hanna whenever she crosses the street.

There are also instances where Hanna gets lost and Rosalee is always there to be her compass. When Hanna feels scared or is in a roller coaster of emotions, Rosalee serves as her anchor.

Credits to Go Fund Me



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