Dogs are heralded as one of the smartest animals out there. However, despite their incredible intelligence, they can’t seem to figure out trivial things.

They’re always afraid of fireworks, they bark at animals they see on the TV, and they are horrified of vacuum cleaners.

Understandably, vacuum cleaners are pretty noisy, and our dogs have a strong sense of hearing. So if for us, humans, vacuum cleaners are already too loud, what more for them? To make things worse for our poor pups, we have invented the Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Just imagine if you are a dog. You are already terrified by that strange sound, and then you see one that moves on its own – sheer horror! However, in the viral video below, this cute corgi just didn’t care much for this horrific contraption. Not even if it literally touched her body.

This supposed brave pooch is Penny, the corgi. Penny is just like any other dog; she likes to play, eat, and take naps. Also, she hates vacuum cleaners. However, it seems to us that she loves taking naps more than she hates Roombas. Because she never let it get in the way of her snooze time.

In the video, Penny is seen taking a nice nap at a corner of their house. Of course, Roombas are designed to cover every inch of a room’s floor area, so eventually, the Roomba would touch Penny. Much to everyone’s surprise, Penny didn’t mind the Roomba causing a racket.

The sound alone should be enough to wake her up, but she acted like it wasn’t even there. When the Roomba touched her several times, she just changed her sleeping position and continued to snooze. We love how Penny reacted to the contraption. We can all learn a lesson from Penny. Just go on our own way even if there are things that are bothering us. Thank you, Penny!

Credits: ViralHog


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