People usually suspect someone of being guilty if they can’t look at people straight in the eye. This often means that you are ashamed that you did something wrong.

This is exactly how a dog owner found out who among her dogs destroyed one of her flip flops.

Karmi Castillo discovered that one of her dogs ruined a flip flop. She owns six adorable pooches, so it’s quite a challenge to find out which of them is guilty of the “crime.”

Catillo said, at first, she didn’t really know who the culprit is. Each dog is a “suspect.” So, she let the six dogs face the wall as punishment.

She wanted to take a photo of the dogs while facing the wall. However, she observed that one of them couldn’t look at her or the camera. The dog named Mingming continued to face the wall while her other siblings posed for the photo.

Mingming and her sibling live in Subic, Zambales, Philippines. According to Castillo, the dogs are obedient and often well-behaved. Unfortunately, there are times when they get too excited, and they become mischievous.

Castillo said that she knows that it’s her fault that she left her new flip flops. But, she didn’t expect that her dogs will be tempted to take a bite off one of the flip flops. However, she just laughed off the incident.

She instructed her fur babies to line up and face the wall. When she called their attention, she was surprised that Mingming didn’t look up to face her.

The photo of Mingming and her siblings was funny and adorable. It was not really surprising that it went viral on Facebook. As of this writing, it garnered 53,000 reactions, 63000 comments, and 39,000 shares.

Thank you to Jack and the Balbons for sharing this adorable photo.


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