Two best friends are taking over social media because of their unique friendship. They happen to be a boy and a dog. With their adorable pictures, they have brought millions of smiles and inspiration to viewers.

Reagan is an adorable dog who is always camera ready. He is always prepared to strike a pose and smile for the camera. But despite his talent, the furry pup shines more when he is with his 3-year-old best friend named Buddy.

Buddy, which isn’t his real name, is a foster child who lives in Oregon. The furry dog belongs to Buddy’s foster grandparents. Since they live together, they have formed such a tight bond and are now inseparable. They play almost anywhere and eat together. They also wear cute matching outfits.

Since they do almost everything together, their family had managed to take lots of pictures of the pair. If you notice their Instagram posts, you can see that the boy and the dog have such a beautiful and unique friendship.

The posts intentionally do not show a clear view of Buddy’s face for his protection.  But despite not seeing his actual face, the pair has more than a hundred Instagram followers. Because of their kind followers, Buddy’s foster grandma named Sandi Swiridoff had a brilliant idea – a book!

Sandi Swiridoff felt like it’s a story that others need to know of, aside from sharing their cute pictures. She also adds that the proceeds will go to an organization called a  Foster Parents Night Out. FPNO is a nonprofit that supports caregivers, just like Buddy’s foster mom named Carree Lewis.

Carree shares that fostering has been one of the hardest yet the best thing they have done. To date, there are more than 400,000 foster kids in the United States. With Buddy’s and Reagan’s pictures, they hope that it will show you how fostering can bring lots of love, joy, and laughter in one’s life.

Watch their adorable friendship below.

Source: NBC News via Youtube


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