Vickie was just a young dog when she arrived at the Plainfield Humane Society in New Jersey. She used to have her own family, but they didn’t want her because she’s blind. They deemed it would be best to surrender her to the shelter.

She paced very fast, said Elijah, the shelter manager. But when he took her out of her kennel, he knew right away she has the best personality. He swore to find her a good home because no dog deserves to be in a shelter.

Elijah worked with Vickie every day. He prepped her so she’d fit perfectly in a home. He took her for walks and made her comfortable being around people.

One day, Ellen and her daughter Honora came by and offered to do volunteer works. When Honora saw Vickie, she cried and told her mom they couldn’t just leave the dog behind. We have to do something, she said.

Ellen and Honora came to visit Vickie every day for the next few weeks. They took the dog out for a 15-minute walk each time. And while it was brief, Vickie took to Ellen pretty quickly.

Vickie never knew what a home is, but she’s filled with love. She’s sweet and energetic and loves to play a lot. And Ellen didn’t understand why no one has taken her home all these years.

Two months later, Ellen told Elijah she’s made the decision to adopt Vickie. I think I’m your lady, she said, and Elijah couldn’t agree more. So on that same day, they took care of the paperwork and Ellen welcomed Vickie to her new home.

It took six long years but Vickie finally bid her goodbye to shelter life. It’s a bit of a change but she adjusted pretty quickly in her new home. You deserve it, Vickie. Enjoy life with your forever loving family.

Credits to Facebook/Vickie The Pit


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