Brodie is a German shepherd and Border collie mix dog whose start in life had not been easy. He was only a 13-day-old puppy when his mother bit his head. Because of that, he now suffers from several deformities as well as partial blindness.

According to Amanda Richter and Brad Ames, Brodie’s new parents, the pup’s injuries stunted the development on one part of his face. This was the reason why he now has a “wonky” appearance. Despite his unique looks, the shelter received lots of adoption applications for Brodie. That led the adorable dog to his first family.


Unfortunately, it only took five months before Brodie’s first family brought him back to the shelter where he was born. They complained that the pup was too hyper for them to handle. Thankfully, Amanda and Brad saw Brodie’s photos on the internet.

The couple visited the shelter in Alberta, Canada, called Old MacDonald Kennels. That was when they personally met Brodie and ended up bringing him home on that same day.

Amanda said that they fell in love with the pup the moment they saw him. They took Brodie for a walk and hang out with him at the rescue center for several hours.

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Even though Brodie is different looking, he’s still extremely intelligent! He learned each of these tricks in about 10 minutes, and my other dogs took much longer than that. I’ve read a few comments where people say things like “he should have been put down” or “it’s cruel to breed animals like that”….well Brodie wasn’t born like this, he suffered a severe facial/cranial injury when his mom bit his head when he was just a tiny 13 day old pup. So other than having some physical disabilities and looking different, he’s highly intelligent! Being a puppy still, he’s definitely a bundle of energy, but we firmly believe he’ll be a wonderfully trained GSD/Collie in no time! To us, he is perfectly imperfect. 💕😁🤗

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Brodie’s new mom agreed that he is indeed hyper. However, she also noted how intelligent the pup is. According to Amanda, Brodie’s brain is perfectly fine.

He even learns tricks in ten minutes, which means that Brodie is a smart boy, said Amanda. She believes that Brodie only needs patience and consistency.

Amanda said that Brodie doesn’t have any idea that he looks different. He is thrilled to run and play with the other dogs at the park.

Amanda and Brad hope to make Brodie a therapy dog one day. This way, he can use his uniqueness to help people with disabilities.

Credit: Best Boy Brodie


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