It was sometime between lunch and early afternoon, that the Hope For Paws organization’s phone rang.

According to the good Samaritan caller, there was a Labrador that badly needed their help. Her physical appearance was not too promising, and she had been in the streets for a long time.

The caller told them that there were people that wanted to adopt the dog. But since they weren’t sure how the dog would react to them approaching, they were hesitant. That was why the Hope For Paws team was asked to help out.

Labradors were among the most popular pet dogs, especially for beginners. They could bond with their pet parents easily, and it didn’t take too much work to care for them.

If this Labrador was as cautious of people as they said she was, then it was because of past bad treatment.

The rescuers from the Hope For Paws HQ arrived and found the dog napping. She was lying on the sidewalk, just a few paces from a neighbor’s fence.

Thankfully, the gaps between the bars of the fence were wide enough for the rescuers to put their arms through.

One of them came up from behind the dog and worked on ensnaring her neck. But as subtle as the rescuer’s movements were, they were enough to wake the dog up. The dog panicked, of course, and bolted the moment she realized what was happening.

Both rescuers began chasing her since there wasn’t any other option for them. If they didn’t chase her, they would risk losing track of their target. They continued pursuing her until they several blocks away from their vehicle was.

It was a good thing that the dog wasn’t much of a runner. But that was probably because of the condition she was in rather than a desire to give up. Exhausted, she found a truck that was parked at an open yard and hid under it.

Happily, the owner of the property was happy to let the rescuers inside. Once they were inside, they approached her and tried to pet her. She didn’t react violently, but she moved away from there touch.

The dogs seemingly gentle disposition gave them the encouragement they needed. It was then they were able to catch the dog by the neck without a struggle.  Even if she hesitant to do so, the dog eventually gave in and allowed them to maneuver her.

It was then when it became apparent that she had been pregnant. There was no mention of any offspring in the report, so she was likely used to produce puppies to sell.

Regardless, Perla, as she was now known, was about to start a new life.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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