In Staffordshire we often encounter plenty of stories on the internet of how a dog saved the lives of their owners, thanks to their heightened senses.

This seven-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier hailing from Basildon, Essex is no different.For around seven months, Danielle King had been perplexed by the strange behavior of her dog. Whenever she would sit down and cuddle with him.

Dave would always sniff at her thigh and start whining. It even came to a point where the pup would lightly dig at her leg as if telling her something.

Danielle kept ignoring Dave’s warnings, though. But when she woke up to her thigh swelling one day in the summer of 2017, Dave was almost at a panic. The pooch didn’t leave her side and would keep whimpering at her.

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The 34-year-old shop assistant still didn’t mind the swelling.

She believed she only overworked a bit and had pulled a muscle, causing it to calcify. However, the swelling only got more intense that her boss advised her to see a doctor.

Danielle finally conceded and headed to her doctor. The moment she showed the lump to the doctor, he immediately told her to get a scan. That was when she realized how serious of a condition she had.

The scan was scheduled two weeks after. However, the dog owner didn’t have the chance to go through the scan, though.

Three days after her appointment with her GP, the swelling got much worse. She went straight to the emergency room and was told by the nurses that she might have a tumor.

After she underwent a CT scan and x-ray, it was confirmed that she indeed have chondrosarcoma, an aggressive cancer type causing bone tumors.

She was scheduled for surgery, and after over eight hours of operation, almost an eight-inch long tumor was retrieved from her thigh, the exact spot Dave was digging at.

Although she still underwent surgery last January 2019, her doctors gave her an all-clear by the end of that year. She was forever thankful for Dave and his warnings. Without him, she might have ignored the symptoms for a few more weeks. Look at her story here.

I met Danielle last year at the BCRT conference (where tbh we just sat and got drunk doing Quiz night!) and she’s…

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