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If you’re a dog and you’re stuck in your house for an entire day (or most of the time), then the chance to go out and explore the world would definitely be a godsend.

With dogs being naturally curious creatures, it is such a big deal for them that they are able to go out rather than just have no choice but to stay at home.

Dogs are also known to be very energetic, and that is why taking them out for walks is a great idea because it allows them to explore the world and use their excess energy. It is a great exercise too!

One Samoyed, who lives in Finland, had a great day running around and enjoying the outdoors when he was taken out to go for a walk by his owner. The dog has pristine white fur, and when he was done traipsing and rolling around in the muddy puddles.

He went home with a lot of mud on his fur, and many even said that he looked like a dirty piece of rag. Not that it mattered to the dog though, because he had a lot of fun!This dog is Onni, and he is five months old. His name in Finland means happiness or luck.

The whole walking in the mud was quite an experience that his fur parent would never forget. Before he went out for a walk with his dog sibling named Ada, Onni was just a fluffy cloud with his really white fur. However, when the walk was over, he had mud all over his body – well, except for his face that remained all white.

Lotta Alajoki owns Onni, and she said that she first thought of how long it would take to get Onni cleaned up after it all. However, she thought that this does not happen often and that it was important that Onni had a lot of fun.

Source: Caters Clips


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