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Bobbie, a Scotch-Collie mix of Silverton, was tagged as a Wonder Dog for having a story that turned into a national sensation.

Who would have ever thought that a furry friend like him could walk a thousand miles to get back to his owner? It certainly amazed a lot of people that he got renowned for such a journey.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brazier were the owners of Bobbie. When they went on a car trip in Indiana months ago, they, unfortunately, lost Bobbie.

Both of them hadn’t heard of their canine for months until one day, as if a miracle happened, Bobbie appeared at the doorstep of his owners.

The Braziers were shocked at how their furry friend showed himself in front of them, to think that it must have walked an entire distance to their place all by himself.

Bobbie’s cross-country trek then became a scoop and got published at the Silverton Appeal, a local paper. With such a miraculous encounter with him, the story went viral.

Many people had addressed their letters to Bobby, whom they dubbed as “Bobbie the Wonder Dog,” or others have recognized him as “Silverton’s Bobbie.” Several people even claimed that they had seen the canine.

According to the investigation of the officials from the Oregon Humane Society, the claims of those people that said they had seen Bobbie was indeed true, for he traveled a thousand miles in the cold winter to return home.

Since what Bobbie did, amused many people, he received tons of awards and honors. His story got featured in several TV shows like “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.” Also, he became one of the characters in the film, The Call of the West, where he played himself.

In the year 1927, Bobbie died and got buried with recognition at the Oregon Humane Society. Their town’s mayor gave the eulogy, while Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd famous for being a Hollywood film star, laid a wreath at his grave.

Source: Finn J.D. John via Off Beat Oregon History


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