We have read and heard a lot of stories featuring the heroic acts of our dogs and how they gave us joy even in our darkest times. Honestly, the dogs gave us so much of themselves that we feel like we also should return the favor to them.

The relationship between humans and dogs improved over time. Nowadays, we are happy to witness the fantastic understanding and co-existence of dogs in the human world. Today, we are now able to treat them equally and understand their needs as well.

Our article for today will show you how dogs created such positive impacts on our lives that we also want to do the same excellent things they did to us. There are numerous times that our dogs put their lives on the line to save and protect us and it is only imperative that we do the same thing to them.

Watch the video below.

Owner saves dog from house fire

This shocking cellphone video captures Jose Guzman rushing past firefighters and into his burning home looking frantically for his dog. Just moments later, both of them run out.📹: Adam Guzman

Posted by KUSI News on Monday, March 11, 2019

Here, you will see how the owner rushed to the burning house in spite of the refusal of the firefighters. The owner knew he would be in danger, but he still went to the fire to save his dog. Here, you will see how he would sacrifice his life to make sure that the dog is safe and alive.

A lot of people do not understand his reasons why he has to sacrifice his life for a dog. For some, it is just a dog, but to the dog lovers like the man in the video, the dog is part of their family and family is always worth saving and dying for. You have to remember, you can always find another dog but not another family.

Dogs do not hesitate in saving us during troubled times; why should we have second thoughts to do the same thing for them?

Thank you to KUSI News for this story.


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