For 11 months, this dog’s home had been a dumpster, rain or shine. That was almost one year long, and it was a miracle that he did not end up terminally ill.

Thankfully, someone thought to report his living situation to the Hope For Paws organization.

The person who called had been taking care of the poor lad for a considerable part of those 11 months. The dog accepted the food and the water but couldn’t be persuaded to move out from under the dumpster. Any attempt to touch him was greeted with suspicious glances.

But one could hardly blame the dog. From the dog’s perspective, he had everything. He had a place to stay, even if it was not ideal, and someone delivered him food regularly.

But not all was lost as the rescuers knew just the kind of upgrade that he needed. His new home was going to be far better than anything he could have imagined. And the rescuers came to meet him as soon as they could.

As expected, the 11 months he spent without a home had left him distrustful of humans. Still, he liked the treats that they brought enough to enjoy them. He accepted the treats, and then he would go back to his hiding spot and eat them there.

They finally succeeded in getting the dog to come out all the way. It was a good thing, too, because they were already running out of treats. And this was the opportunity they had been waiting for, so they put a leash on him.

The dog did panic a bit when he felt the material around his neck. He finally calmed down when they gave him the last bit of food and then gently patted him. They chose Cowboy as his new name.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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