Imagine being stuck in a dim and small place. Your actions are limited, and the chances of getting sick are high. This is the story of a dog which we will feature here. He has been thought of getting jammed in a box for his entire life. Take the word “entire.” That’s so hard even for a dog!

Cesar is one of those dogs that had experienced a rough start. He is a small Yorkshire Terrier who had resided for numerous years in a dark, dirty box where his movements were constrained. In fact, he can’t even enjoy running or walking.

The poor dog looks do thin, knowing that he is not living a normal life. But according to the sources given by the Faith Tap, Cesar had spent most of his life inside the box. Thanks to the local authorities who heard about his situation and immediately acted to rescue him. Cesar was taken to the vet office.

As soon as he was taken out of the box, people felt shattered seeing the dog covered in matted, filthy hair for a very long time. Not to mention, his body suffered from infections. We hope this case, like what happened to Cesar, is only rare.

Accidentally or not, we should always look over our pets whenever we can. Especially the pups, they are still living in a naughty and playful kind of life.

Cesar may not have the best start of his life, but he is now enjoying life. He was adopted by a family who can love him. We wish only nothing but the best journey for the rest of his life.

We are confident that his new owners would fill up those gaps he has missed getting stuck in a box. He can now make the best use of the great opportunity to live happier and healthier while infecting people with her sweet smiles.

Watch the story below:

Video source: Viktor Larkhill via YouTube


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