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Meredith Viera, a respected broadcast journalist, has been taking good care of her pooch Jasper for quite some time now. Ever since the pooch came to her life, Meredith said that she had a renewed sense of self.

But recently, though, the dog was in a rather tricky situation. Jasper got attacked by a coyote, leaving the pooch matted in blood.It became apparent to Jessica that the pooch was in that situation when she discovered blood on the dog’s fur.

The dog owner knew that something was wrong, so she rushed the dog to a nearby animal clinic. At the clinic, a veterinary team assessed the dog’s condition and provided him first aid.

Afterward, Jasper was brought to a trauma unit, where he underwent a minor operation. The operation went well, and the dog is safe from any harm.

With this development, Meredith felt relieved. However, there are still unanswered questions on how the dog got attacked by a coyote. It was the veterinarian who explained to the dog owner what happened.

According to the veterinarian, the pooch suffered a broken jaw, leaving some of the dog’s teeth ripped out. For the veterinarian, only a wild coyote could inflict this kind of injury to a dog.

Fortunately, even if Jasper is already older, the pooch managed to survive the surgery. The dog is recovering from the traumatic experience while Meredith is helping the pooch with this journey.

Meredith said that she would do her best to provide the pooch the needed support during the recovery phase. It might have been a traumatic experience for Jasper, but Meredith assured the pooch that everything would be alright.

Meredith got saddened with what the pooch had to go through, but she is confident that the dog will survive the trauma.

Credits to TODAY.


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