Bella, an adorable Labrador, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. The condition metastasized to her lungs, and the doctors gave her three to six months to enjoy life on Earth.

Breaking the news

The doctors also talked to the chocolate Labrador’s dad, Robert Kugler. They told him that they need to amputate her front leg. According to the doctors, the amputation will not save her life, but it will buy her more time. Considering cancer in Bella’s lungs and her terminal diagnosis, Kugler agreed to the leg amputation.

He knew that time was against him. With the clock ticking Bella’s life away, he decided to take her on a memorable journey. They traveled to cities all over the country. Bella and her pawsome dad made wonderful memories each day.

Kugler thought that was Bella’s farewell trip, but she was still in great shape three months after. He realized that their journey was not yet over. He packed his bags and hit the road once again with his best friend.

A journey of a thousand miles

Kugler and Bella covered thousands of miles on their journey. They slept on beds and couches of friends with different zip codes. It was an unforgettable, incredible, and memorable experience for the two.

As a veteran marine, Kugler thought he’s already accustomed to losing loved ones. He lost his brother and his sister in separate incidents. Both deaths were painful, but he managed to move forward. These losses made Kugler realize that his reason for living is so he can take good care of Bella.

A bittersweet countdown

Kugler did everything he could to make Bella’s last days special. He captured all of their adventures together. He then allowed people to access these photos and videos on social media.

Bella’s gone to dog heaven now, and Kugler can only be grateful that he got to share part of his life with her.

Credits to Robert Kugler




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