All dogs have big hearts. No matter their size, they are always out to share love and happiness with everyone they meet. That is what makes dogs truly special.

And as one teacup Poodle would prove, size does not matter when it comes to love. Nala, a 5-year-old teacup Poodle, has stolen the hearts of many in the Lyngblomsten Care Center in Minnesota. But according to her owner, Doug Dawson, Nala wasn’t trained to be a therapy dog. She just took it to herself to change the lives of the residents of the nursing home.

It was an ordinary day in Lyngblomsten Care Center when Doug Dawson came to work with his 5-year-old teacup Poodle, Nala, in tow. He hadn’t planned for Nala to help out in the center. But when she arrived, it was as if Nala immediately knew what she needs to do.

She ran around the nursing home with her tiny legs and visited the residents who needed a little affection. She’d jump on their lap and allow them to pet and cuddle her. The residents loved the therapeutic effect of Nala’s presence, and from that day on, Nala has been making her rounds, seeing her friends regularly.

Nala even rides the elevator to reach residents on other levels of the care center. According to Doug, Nala prefers riding the elevator by herself, and if she could, she would push the buttons herself. But because she couldn’t, workers in the facility help push the elevator buttons for her.

For five years, Nala has brought joy to the residents, with 90-year-old Ruth New even calling her “An Angel.” Nala has become so familiar with the care center that she knows which way she needs to go to get to her friends. And even after Doug Dawson’s passing in July 2020, Nala still helps the care center residents get the affection they needed.

But most importantly, Nala has provided Doug’s wife and family the strength to get through life after Doug’s passing. Watch the hardworking Poodle in the video below.

Source USA Today via Youtube


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