Have you wondered how tall the biggest dog on earth would be? This video will give you a an idea of how the tallest dog in the world manages to enjoy his life.

Big Freddy is a Great Dane and happens to be the oldest living one in his breed. He stands 7 feet tall when he is on his two legs and he recently just turned 8 years old.

Claire Stoneman, his mom, lives in the UK with Freddy. She threw a colorful birthday party for the gentle giant so he could celebrate with his sister, Fleur. The two dogs were actually from the same litter and are just minutes apart from being born.

As Claire shares, she went all out with the festive decorations for the party. The two dogs received a lot of toys and treats. They were also greeted by a very special person named Erin Manley, Claire’s seven-year-old daughter.

Erin has known Freddy her entire life, making her a very important guest.

Erin’s father shares that the little girl has never lived without big Freddy by her side. Thankfully, she isn’t scared by his height at all and has always been super close to the Great Dane.

Before the COVID-19 lockdown, the little girl would have regular playdates with Freddy. Though Freddy was huge compared to her height, it never really bothered her.

Ever since the lockdown took place, Erin would call Freddy before going to sleep. What makes them more adorable is that Freddy looks forward to her calls and would happily respond when hearing her voice.

The pair have had a tight bond and a loving friendship which shows that the height and weight of a person or animal cannot stop a beautiful friendship from blossoming.

Freddy became the world’s tallest living dog in the Guinness World Records back in 2017. Fortunately, after his birthday, he got a new record for being the oldest Great Dane alive. As of now, the Stonemans are applying to get the official record on Guinness.

Isn’t Freddy amazing? Watch how his loving family celebrates his special day in the video below.

Source: Caters Clips via Youtube


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