To keep everyone safe, companies urged their employees to work from home. While this allows people to spend more time with their families, working from home doesn’t necessarily mean working distraction-free.

With this, an adorable Labrador mix begs its fur mom to spare her even a minute of her time despite her busy work schedule. But, it seems Mom needs to explain to the pooch her present dilemma gently.

Mom, look at me.

In this adorable yet funny video, a black-furred Labrador mix named Juneau looks towards the computer’s direction. With the way Juneau’s staring at the monitor, it seems she’s curious as to what her fur mom’s doing.

Without any warning, Juneau props her head on Mom’s lap and stares at her with pleading eyes, as if she’s asking Mom for a favor. The pooch even whines in a bid to gain Mom’s undivided attention.

However, it looks like Mom’s busy accomplishing her task as she continues tinkering with the computer. With this, Juneau readjusts her head on Mom’s lap to stare directly into her eyes.

I want a hug, please!

When her puppy-eyed look didn’t do its magic, Juneau decides to resume whining. And, it seems this strategy worked as Mom starts asking Juneau what she wants from her.

In response to Mom’s question, the clingy Labrador continued whining. By the looks of it, Mom understood that Juneau wanted a hug from her. However, as Mom’s busy working, she can’t give in to the pooch’s request.

With this, the disappointed Juneau can’t help but look downcast. But, in a bid to convince Mom for the last time, Juneau stares at Mom with pleading eyes while whining. Do you think Mom gave in to the pooch’s whims? Find out what’s the next scene by watching the linked video below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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