Destiny has its way of bringing two strangers together. A simple chance encounter provides a method for these two beings to either become friends, lovers, or even soul mates.

An Australian ultra-marathoner named Dion Leonard did not expect that his joining the 4 Deserts Race would lead him to meet Gobi. Their fateful encounter happened sometime in June of 2018, in the hot sands of the Gobi desert.

Do you want to race with me, little dog?

Dion currently ran in the second stage of the race when he encountered the stray dog. At that time, he wore bright yellow gaiters. He thought that the dog took an interest in his clothes, deciding to follow him.

He thought that the dog would eventually run off somewhere in the middle of the race. Much to his surprise, the dog raced alongside him the entire day. In the end, the dog followed Dion to his tent, lying down next to him. He eventually named the dog Gobi.

Gobi continues to race with Dion to the finish line.

Gobi kept up with Dion during the entire race. The organizers of the racing event assisted the duo on days when the temperatures reached a whopping 52 degrees Celsius.

Mary Gadams, the race founder, told in an interview with the BBC News that she seemed to captivate everyone’s hearts. Inevitably, she became the race’s mascot, symbolizing the runners’ undying fighting spirit. Some racers even nicknamed her “the best dog.”

Gobi eventually reached the finish line. As she sat there waiting, Dion thought that what transpired was no ordinary experience. Meeting her was never a chance encounter – it was fate.

Gobi went missing.

Before the two could go home together, Gobi needs to wait for a four-month-long quarantine before allowed to enter Scottish soil. With this, Dion arranged for someone to take care of her while he went home to Scotland after the race.

Much to Dion’s dismay, he received a call from the Gobi’s caretaker that the dog went missing. He immediately booked a flight to Urumqi, and upon his arrival, started searching for her. Pretty soon, he received a call regarding her whereabouts.

She immediately went up to him the moment he appeared at the door. The two certainly had a happy reunion. Dion decided to wait with his beloved dog for the four-month quarantine period to end.

We’re finally home!

Eventually, the day for Gobi to make the trip home with Dion came. The entire 46-hour long journey, she had no qualms whatsoever. Perhaps, in her mind, she thought this was all a big adventure.

They eventually arrived in Scotland and started living her new life with her owners. Up to this day, Gobi loves running with her beloved owner.

Thank you to our friends at Global News for sharing this incredible dog’s journey to us.

Take a look at Gobi’s big adventure here.

Video Credit: The Dodo Soulmates via YouTube

Thanks Global News for the story.


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