Every pup has a special place in our hearts. One of the most heartbreaking things that could occur is the belief that you’ve truly lost your furry companion. This story proves how dedication achieves anything.

Missing mishap

In July 2019, Verne and Carole King took their beloved Border Collie named Katie on a road trip to Kalispell, Montana. The trip opted for friendly family fun, but soon, they would discover the opposite.

The couple booked a dog-friendly hotel in the small town. As they reached their room, they suddenly felt like something went missing. They later realize that Katie somehow managed to be nowhere in sight. They frantically search the vicinity.

The following day, they set up signs around the area with hopes of retrieving the lost canine. They’d later result in posting on a facebook page named Lost Pets of Flathead County, which evolved into a lot of shares.

Three days in, they weren’t losing hope. The story of Katie’s disappearance reaches ninety online sites and various platforms.

The cost of the cause

Since the couple retired from being law enforcers, they wanted to treat the case as they would with a crime scene. These prompted them to put up various cameras and animal traps. Carole also wanted to quit her job at the postal service to contribute a hundred percent of her time for the cause.

Every night, the Kings would feel uneasy with Katie being lost. They would always worry about her health and well-being.

Community comes together

The couple soon gets news from a town in Montana that wanted to help in the situation. They’d get all these messages from people they haven’t met, and we’re calling them on a first-name basis.

They would say that they went out of their way and through different routes to support the cause at hand. They understand what the couple went through.

Finally found

After fifty-seven days, Katie is found. Some town-folk from Montana call up Carole, and she immediately rushes over there. Carole calls for Katie, but at first, the dog is hesitant. The second time, she finally responds.

Katie recovers from the incident, but the couple believes she’ll soon be back on track.

Watch the incredibly heartwarming video below:

Video from The List Show TV via Youtube


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