You probably can still remember Snoop, the Staffordshire bull terrier who was abandoned and begged to be taken back by his owner on Christmas Eve. The CCTV footage of the heartbreaking event became viral. Soon after, many people came rolling in to adopt him and help find the person who abandoned him.

Because of the incident, Snoop struggled with separation anxiety. Thankfully, the Gonsal Farm staff did everything they could to help him heal from the traumatic experience. Soon, Snoop regained his confidence.


While the culprit is still at large, Snoop has, fortunately, found a loving home. He has moved to Herefordshire where his new owner, Laurence Squire lives. His new home has a large garden and is surrounded with fields for him to freely roam around.

Squire describes his new fur baby as a fantastic dog. The two easily connected and Snoop immediately felt at home when he arrived. Squire said that Snoop even jumped right at the sofa upon getting inside the house as if saying that that’s now his space.

Squire also said that Snoop likes being warm. He would lie down on the sofa’s back or curl himself up in front of the fireplace. Sometimes, he would also go into the bedroom and lie down like a real human. He would cover himself with the comforter and put his head on the pillow.

Snoop the abandoned dog has been rehomed

We're so happy for Snoop😍😭

Posted by BBC Breakfast on Monday, March 11, 2019


Aside from cuddling or playing in the fields, Snoop regularly visits the village’s pub too. No doubt, this doggo is living the life that he deserves. He found a loving family, and he loves his new fur parent too.

Rachel Butler, the RSPCA spokesperson, said that she could immediately tell that Snoop is now in the right place. He is obviously enjoying the life that he has with Laurence. Snoop is now loved and wanted, far from where he was just a few months ago.

Thanks to our friends at BBC Breakfast, and RSPCA for sharing this story.


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