We are all fond of food, aren’t we? Admit it, chomping into some yummy snacks helps us get away with our daily hustles and worries.

Of course, every one of us has our favorites that we will never get tired of eating, and it turns out that humans are not alone when it comes to getting too obsessed with it.

Meet Uni, the adorable dog who smiles so wide each time he has food!

Uni is a Shiba Inu from Tokyo, Japan. Such breeds are quite popular in the said country because of their endearing appearance, pleasant personality, and they pretty much provide people with good company.

The Shiba’s just a couple of months old. But his unrivaled cuteness made him famous on Instagram. His profile username is shiba_uni_20190107 with 98.5k followers. His charm draws wide smiles to his supporters’ faces.

Photographs posted on his Instagram account often show the lad’s day-to-day errands outside, as well as his trips at home. He also has a special kind of fondness for food.

Most pics found on his profile are snapshots of him having different yummy snacks and desserts.

Food and Uni are a match! He has photos where he’s seen smiling with a spaghetti, another is with a pizza box in front of him. He also has photographs where he had an Instagram-worthy kind of drink.

His reactions every time there’s food made individuals from the internet love him so much. Uni’s smile is so cute that it would make people smile wide too. Also, his reaction sometimes makes people crave the same food that he’s having!

Everybody can relate to Uni, especially when see him having some tasty foods. Hoping we all can smile and eat too, even if there are so many things to worry about.

Image Source: shiba_uni_20190107 on Instagram


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