In one of the mountains in Cebu, Philippines, a man named Junrell Fuentes Revilla was traveling on his motorbike when a barking pup made him stop.

At first, Junrell didn’t give any mind to the pup who was running after him, but when he noticed how persistent the pup was, he decided to stop and approach the pup. He sensed that the pup was asking for his help.

Following the pup’s lead, Junrell was led to a dumpsite to a spot where a small bundle of brown cloth was squirming on the ground. Junrell kneeled to inspect it, and to his surprise, he saw a newborn baby wrapped in it! Gea Ybarita.

A member of an animal center called Hope for Strays, related how surprised and amazed Junrell felt when he realized why the pup was so persistent in asking for his help. Gea went on to say that the location where the pup led Junrell to was a very isolated spot on the mountain.

Thanks to the pup’s quick thinking and persistence the baby was rescued. Junrell immediately scooped up the baby and rode to the closest police station in the area. The police officers took the baby under their care and then transferred the baby under the responsibility of the Department of Social Welfare.

In time, news about the pup’s heroic deed spread around the community and caught the attention of volunteers from the Hope for Strays center. Gea said that when they heard about the pup’s story, they rushed up to the mountain to find him.

The volunteers were planning to help the pup find a home for himself, so they were surprised when they found out the pup was not a stray pup.

Gea said that the pup’s owner came out to meet them and claimed that the pup, who was named Blacky, is his. Blacky’s owner invited Gea and her volunteer companions to his home where they saw Blacky and three other pups. The volunteers were glad to know that Blacky had a home, but they still came up with a way to help the pup.

Blacky’s family is not well off, so the volunteers decided to find a way to help them materially. Through the efforts of the volunteers, Blacky’s family received an outpour of donations of pet supplies, food, and more. Thanks to the thoughtful pup, he was not only able to save a baby, but he has unknowingly helped his family too.

Credits to Hope for Strays


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