Most rescue dogs come from a horrible past. Some of these dogs have lived most of their lives as strays, while others come from owners who neglected or abused them. Sadly, many of these dogs are euthanized because they’re either too sick or become aggressive to humans and other animals.

A dog named Daryl was dropped off at a local shelter. He was emaciated, couldn’t walk, and was in severe pain. When animal rescuers sent Daryl to the veterinarian, he was tested to see if he can recover. Unfortunately, one vet after another recommended that it would be better to end Daryl’s suffering by putting him to sleep.

Thankfully, the rescue group called Players For Pits decided to take Daryl to one more vet to see if he still has a chance. The vet placed him on antibiotics to fight off infection, and supplements to increase his body weight to a healthy level. Within two days, Daryl miraculously recovery. Daryl became more lively and he even gained enough strength to walk on his own.

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Daryl proved to everyone that he wasn’t only going to live but he was going to thrive and embrace life. During that time, a woman who was also going through her own difficulties in life followed Daryl’s story for months until she was in a position to adopt. The woman couldn’t believe that nobody applied to adopt Daryl yet since he was such a handsome dog.

The woman feared that Daryl may have some problems that she didn’t know about. Eventually, the woman asked the rescue if she could meet Daryl and a home visit was planned. During the home visit, that’s when the woman knew that she wanted Daryl and adopted him.

Daryl’s previous owners only fed him apples and rice, which led to his deterioration. Now, Daryl enjoys life with his new mom and he gets spoiled with only the best food. Daryl is sure that he will never go hungry again and be in the situation that almost got him killed. Here’s a video of Daryl’s heartwarming story.

Video Source GeoBeats Animals via YouTube


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