Lexy, a Pit Bull living in Vancouver, British Columbia, did not see the sun for eight years. She was a breeding dog, and that would have continued as her life story if she was not rescued.

Litter after litter

Lexy was a puppy mill. She was always locked indoors and had to give birth to litter after litter. Her distended stomach served as evidence that she was used as a puppy mill. When SPCA rescued her, the volunteers were not sure if anyone would even want to adopt her. All they knew at that time was that they had to save her.

British Columbia SPCA tuck Lexy under their wing. The volunteers helped her recover from years of abuse during her stay there. They also helped Lexy find her forever home. It took months before someone came and looked in her direction.

When Jenny met Lexy

Jenny Mackay knew Lexy was going home with her the moment she saw the senior Pit Bull. There was no way she was walking out of the shelter without her. Mackay knew that other people saw an old Pit Bull with a distended belly when they saw Lexy. This broke her heart because she knew that more than anything, Lexy needed love.

Mackay processed Lexy’s adoption papers, and they went on to live their lives. The first few months with Mackay was a huge struggle for the Pit Bull since she was used to being a puppy mill. After some time, she learned how to be a dog again. She had to relearn how to walk and play outdoors without being scared of every little thing.

Lexy and Mackay are now advocates for Pit Bulls and senior dogs. They want to encourage people to adopt dogs that are tagged as unadoptable.

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Credits to Lexy the Elderbull


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