A 10-year-old Labrador who had been passed over at the shelter many times has finally found a place where he’s loved.

Now the pooch is the one doing the rescuing by bringing joy to the lives of the residents of the assisted living facility he now calls home.

The Labrador named Sherman came from the non-profit organization Adopt-A-Pet Fenton in Michigan.Sadly, the rescue dog had a difficult time attracting the interest of adopters because of his advanced age.

Joyce Zentmeyer, the organization’s kennel administrator, explains that people s are usually unwilling to adopt a canine who’s only going to be with them for a short time.

While Sherman is neither ill nor dying, he’s undoubtedly getting on in years if his gray hairs are any indication.

Thankfully, someone was looking specifically for an older pooch. Jennifer Wygonik, the executive director of Landings of Genesee Valley in Flint, contacted Joyce and told her she wanted to adopt a senior dog for the facility.

Jennifer explains that they care for older people at the retirement home, so there’s no reason for them not to take in a senior canine as well.

And thus Sherman finally got out of the shelter and settled right into the couch at Landings of Genesee Valley.

If the Lab could speak, he’d probably express how grateful he is to Jennifer for giving him a warm and caring home. However, she and the residents are just as thankful — if not more — for Sherman’s presence.

Since arriving at the assisted living facility, the 10-year-old canine has made a significant difference in everyone’s lives.

Instead of staying all day in their rooms, the residents go out to pet and scratch Sherman and spoil him with treats.

Barbara Drouillard, one of the seniors, shares that having the dog there has inspired her to be more positive. She says that simply being with Sherman, or any other canine for that matter, is a healing experience.

Joyce hopes that other assisted living facilities will also be encouraged to give older pooches a chance at a better, more comfortable life.

Watch Sherman getting his daily dose of belly rubs in the video below:

This assisted living facility isn’t just for people, it's now home to a 10-year-old lab named Sherman. He was rescued when no one was interested in adopting an older dog.

Posted by 8 News Now on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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