A dog owner shared an adorable series of photos showing her little sausage dog, making friends with a seal.

Stanley, a two-year-old sausage dog, visited the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary located in Gweek, Cornwall, with his owner Melanie Talbot.

The sanctuary is home to a rescued seal named Aayla.

When Stanley and Aayla laid eyes on each other, there seemed to be a bond between the two cute animals. The seal swam up to the glass of the aquarium and pressed her nose towards the pup.

Melanie documented the 20-minute encounter by taking photos of the new mates. She couldn’t believe that the pair posed for a few snaps.

When she looked at the photo that she captured, it made Melanie think that friendships in any animals can blossom, and it was nice to see their bond.

The way the two were interacting with each other, you wouldn’t think that there was a glass between them, it just looked like their noses were touching and she’s whispering to him.

In one of the photos, the seal had her head on one side; she almost looked like a dog. Melanie said that it was something she’s never seen before, and it was such a heartwarming thing to see.

When they went to look at seals outside, Aayla kept coming out of the water to look at him, and they seemed to have a magical bond, which was really lovely to witness.

Stanley has dog friends back home, but according to Melanie, it was the first time he’s made friends with another type of animal.

Aayla was rescued from Bacton, Norfolk in 2017. The poor seal was malnourished and had a small injury on one of her flippers. It became severely infected that vets had to remove some of her bones.

Thankfully, her health was restored and made a full recovery. She has been in the sanctuary since 2018.

Georgina Shannon, the Marketing Manager at Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary, said that Aayla is very active and loves playing with other seals in the sanctuary. Her favorite activity is to sneak up and pester other seals when sunbathing.

Even with her part-amputated flipper, Aayla still manages to keep up with the others. She is also very intelligent and quick to pick up new things during their training sessions.

We hope Stanley will revisit Aayla soon! We don’t mind looking at more of their adorable photos together!

Thanks to our friends over at LAD Bible for sharing the original story.


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