We can only imagine the bleak world that shelter dogs experienced before they were rescued. Because of their traumatic past, some dogs fear humans and try to avoid them as much as possible. However, some never lost their faith in people and instead long to find a forever home.

One lovely pup named Stanley longed to have a loving family of his own. Soon enough, this stray dog’s wish was granted. A man named Sam Clarence adopted him and brought him home.

Sam often volunteered to walk the rescue dogs housed by a local shelter. The shelter introduced him to Stanley, who was only 2-months old at the time. They requested Sam to foster the tiny furball for a few weeks while searching for a potential family to take the puppy in.

However, the fates intervened and made Sam fall in love with the pup’s charms and lovable personality.

From the moment they left the shelter, Sam noticed how scared the puppy was with his strange surroundings. With plenty of TLC, the rescue pup soon came around and slowly became comfortable in his new home. All it took was a relaxing bath, delicious food, and a lovely bed by the warm fire.

The grateful Stanley gradually shed his fears and changed into what Sam called his ‘velcro dog.’ This needy pup always wanted to hold his new dad’s hand, especially during their countless road trips. The affectionate pup clung desperately to his new owner, demanding to be continuously petted and touched.

Stanley craved his owner’s touch and often used his paw to nudge and signal for more scratches and rubs. He loved sleeping next to his owner, always keeping one foot on his owner’s back. His need for human touch never really went away, an amusing quirk that Sam and his roommate eventually got used to.

Photos courtesy of Sam Clarence and The Dodo


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