Everybody knows that adopting rescue dogs from animal shelters is better. Most of these dogs have been through a lot in their lives and they all deserve to have loving forever homes. Some of these dogs have spent their entire lives living as strays while others have been victims of abuse and neglect.

A woman named Marisa was looking to adopt a puppy. Back then Marisa was the Co-Executive Director for an animal rescue organization called Mr. Bones & Co. It’s safe to say that Marisa won’t have any problems picking a puppy out of all the puppies they rescue. However, Marisa wasn’t expecting to find her soulmate, or rather, soul-dog at the shelter.

When Marisa walked into the shelter, she was expecting to pick a puppy that she could adopt. However, she ended up walking out the door with a five-year-old pit bull named LilyBug or Bug for short. LilyBug was found abandoned in a playground during a storm in New Britain, Connecticut. Thankfully, she was picked up by the local animal control officers and brought to the pound.

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Eventually, Bug was pulled from the pound by Mr. Bones & Co. and was taken to their facility in New York. Because of her past, Bug hated being alone and would always get excited whenever someone visits her in her kennel. That’s when Marisa was captivated by Bug’s loving personality.

When Marisa stopped to say hello, Bug just went over and gave Marisa a big hug. Marisa fostered Bug but Marisa knew all too well that she was going to foster-fail, which means she’s going to end up adopting Bug. Because Bug was a Pit Bull, people had reservations whenever Bug gets near them.

However, all that doubt about Bug disappears as soon as Bug gives them a big hug and sloppy kisses. LilyBug is such a lovable dog who just wants to spread love. Thanks to Bug, people started to change their minds about Pit Bulls. Here’s a heartwarming video showing Bug’s adorable personality.

Video Source GeoBeats Animals via YouTube


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