In the latter part of 2018, Eldad Hagar, a rescuer for Hope For Paws, received an urgent call about a puppy that was seen near a harbor freeway.

The woman said the poor animal limped as it walked. He knew how dangerous the situation was, so he wasted no time and hurried to the scene.

As Eldad made it to the rescue location, he immediately started to look for the said puppy. He looked for a skinny black puppy all over the place. But when he found her, he realized she wasn’t a puppy but an adult Pitbull.

The terrified dog hid inside a den. She snarled and barked as her rescuer tried to come near her. Realizing how risky the rescue mission is, Eldad made sure to take all the time necessary to try and gain the dog’s trust.

The main goal was to get the dog out of the den, so Eldad tried coaxing her with pieces of a cheeseburger. The dog was so hungry, but she refused to move, let alone walk out of her hiding place. So using a gentle snare, he tried to catch her.

Using the snare, Eldad managed to take the dog out of her den. He also made her walk toward the car, and that’s when he saw how badly injured her front paws were. Everything seemed fine, but just as he was about to load her into the car, the dog chewed off the snare and ran away.

Eldad felt a tad frustrated. After their progress, they were back to zero. So this time, he used two snares to make sure the dog, later on, named Yara, won’t escape again. Additionally, he asked Loreta Frankonyte for help.

Eldad and Loreta worked together to capture Yara. After a while, they were able to put him inside a crate. And once Yara started to calm down, they went on their way back to the rescue center.

The vet team examined Yara’s condition. Sadly, they couldn’t save her leg because it’s already completely crashed. But by amputating it, the vet saved her life.

After the surgery, Yara felt much better. She proceeded to be with her foster friends at The Little Red Dog, where she undergoes continuous training. And now, Yara’s ready for her new home.

Yara has been through so much. All she’s asking is a home she can call her own. Let’s give this sweet girl the life that she deserves.

Credits to Hope For Paws


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