Marta of MCP Rescue and Outreach received a call about an emaciated dog tied up to a tree. She and her fellow rescuers rushed to the pup’s location and saw how disturbingly thin the poor puppy was.

Marta headed straight to their rescue and to have the pup examined. Then doctors determined that the dog named Indy has kidney failure and might not make it through the night.

Scott, who was following the rescue’s page, immediately contacted Marta that same evening and informed her that he and his partner, Anthony, are available to foster Indy. Marta told him that he would come over to his house in the next hour.

Anthony admitted how scary it was to look at Indy. He recalled that Indy immediately laid on the carpet as soon as he arrived from the shelter and he looked so weak.

Indy refused to eat any dog food, so Anthony and Scott tried feeding Indy with some steak. Indy did enjoy the slab of meat, so they started cooking him some moor to get his appetite up.

Anthony and Scott drove to the beach after a week of fostering Indy, and their foster dog became a bit energized. The couple thought that Indy was finally okay, but the poor pup immediately crashed an hour after getting home from their quick trip.

Indy started shivering, and his teeth began turning white. The couple knew that something was wrong with Indy.

So then they rushed him to the emergency animal hospital, where the doctors found out that Indy had a ball of fabric within his small intestines.

The doctors decided to perform an emergency surgery because Indy’s organs were starting to shut down one by one. Indy was transformed into a bubbly dog the following day after his operation, and his foster parents were surprised at how perky his real personality was.

Source: Pittie Nation via Facebook


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