We all have that unforgettable Disney movie. It hits us at a certain point in our lives. We then carry it with us for as long as we live. Be it the character, storyline, or quotes; there’s something about that movie that we deeply treasure.

The theme varies for each person, but regardless, we know all of the scenes by heart. In fact, we have seen it one time too many that we can say all the lines as well. What’s more interesting is that every viewing time will always feel like the first time.

Believe it or not, it is not only humans that get affected by these well-crafted Disney movies. Other beings, such as dogs,  get emotional after watching these movies too.

Right in the feels

Four-month-old Luna was watching The Lion King with her paw parents one day. When they were at the scene where Simba learned about Mufasa’s death, Luna became emotional. Her owner, Josh Myers, was so surprised when he saw this. It felt like Luna understood what was happening to Simba.

Luna laid down, whined, whimpered, and cried while the dramatic scene was on the screen. It looked like she wanted to approach Simba and comfort him. It was so heartwarming to see her show empathy for two fictional characters. Seeing it as a precious moment, Myers took out his camera to capture everything.

Not the only one

When Myers posted the video online, it immediately went viral. He was not expecting anything but other dog owners messaged him. It turns out, other dogs also showed empathy during Simba’s emotional scene with Mufasa. What will happen if these dogs watch the movie together? We’ll find out!

Watch the full video here:

Source: Youtube via Storyful Rights Management

Thank you to our friends at Dog Heirs for writing the original article!



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