A woman named Nat woke up hearing noises outside their home. She told her husband about it and together, they went outside to check what caused the noise. There, they saw an adorable dog just sitting near the dumpster.

The couple immediately took the dog in and made sure that it was fed and kept warm. They could tell that the canine was tired because all she did was take a cap all day. The couple called her Bear.

Once Bear was fully rested, she realized that Nat and her family were people she could trust. She then opened up and became very playful. It was not a coincidence for them when they stumbled upon Bear. They felt that they found her for a reason.

Just before they found her, they were already looking for a dog for Nat’s father-in-law, Terry. 2019 was a difficult year for him because she lost his wife and their family dog. There were searching for the best dog companion for Terry.

The couple then surprised him. Terry was asked to close his eyes. When he did, they placed Bear on his lap. He did not react at first.

Moments later, he admitted it was a good surprise. Another surprise was when they learned Bear was a St. Bernard and was going to be huge when she grows up. Her name truly suits her.

Terry also believed that they found Bear for a reason and the reason was him. According to him, he was in a dark place and Bear was exactly who he needed to have. Bear helped him push through some challenging moments when he felt emotionally down.

Terry is very thankful for Nat and his son for thinking about him and his needs. Terry definitely needed Bear and he would be forever grateful to have him.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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