A senior pug’s frantic yapping alerted his owners to a growing fire. Saving his family members’ lives and their home.

Jaxson is an 11-year-old pug living in Meridian, Idaho with his fur parents Mikaela Sebree and Todd Lavoie and the couple’s children.

According to Mikaela, the barking of dogs has different nuances according to the situation to which they’re responding. In this instance.

The panicky note in Jaxson’s bark told her and Todd that something was seriously wrong. Todd hurried downstairs to see what the matter was.

It turned out that one of their electrical outlets was spitting out sparks that were beginning to build into a blaze. Thanks to their beloved pet, Todd was able to nip the problem at the bud using a fire extinguisher.

Meridian Fire Department Chief Mark Niemeyer reported that although the sparks did cause some damage to the house, the maintenance workers were able to fix them quickly.

However, When the incident escalated into a full-on blaze. The fire chief says that the flames would have crawled up the walls and into the couple’s attic. Thereby causing permanent damage to about a third of the house.

Chief Niemeyer himself and the entire fire department recommended that the council grant Jaxson Meridian’s Hometown Hero Award. Which this is typically given to humans. The senior pug is the first animal to receive this award.

Then what’s more, Jaxson’s heroic act earned him a probationary firefighter badge during the ceremony. Which was held during a Meridian City Council meeting.

Sebree and Lavoie are exceedingly proud of their “super pug,” saying that he truly deserves the Hometown Hero award for saving not just the house but also the memories associated with it.

Chief Niemeyer even humorously pointed out a sign in the crowd that declared “Pug for President.” It also looks like Jaxson has a promising career path ahead of him!

You can watch Jaxson the hero pug receiving his award in the video below:

Source: CBS News on YouTube


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