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The world is already filled with evil deeds, so the smallest acts of kindness keep our faith in humanity intact.

One thoughtful gesture could indeed go a long way. It is also true that this one good act could inspire other people to do the same. This is what happened when a traffic enforcer in India extended help to a stray pup.

India is among the populated countries in the world. However, this is not the only problem that the country faces because India also has a problem with stray dogs. Its major cities, including Mumba, Calcutta, and Chennai, are densely populated with homeless dogs. But even if these dogs wander the streets of India, they still deserve respect and appreciation.

When a particular pooch wanted to cross the road, the traffic enforcer helped him navigate the street. This is because, during that time, cars are rushing from all directions. With this, the stray dog found it challenging to cross the street, fearing for his safety.

When the traffic enforcer saw the dog’s struggle, he did not think twice to lend him assistance. The traffic enforcer cleared the path and ensured the dog’s safety as the latter crossed the street.

Little did the traffic enforcer that someone was taking footage of what he did. Later on, the footage was uploaded on Twitter and was seen by several people. After a while, the post became viral as it reached people from different countries.

Netizens who saw the video commended the traffic enforcer for his assistant to the pup. Some netizens said that other people often overlook to show respect to stray dogs. This is because stray dogs are considered a nuisance in society. According to the netizens, the traffic enforcer’s act is proof that there are still kind souls on the streets.

Credits to The Better India.


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