When you rescue a dog from a kill shelter, you give them a second chance in life. These dogs are treated poorly and are placed on the kill-list even if they’re perfectly healthy. They enter into a state of depression and wait for a chance at crossing the rainbow bridge.

It’s a sad way to live, that’s why a lot of organizations are raising awareness on the situation of these dogs. Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of pooches saved from these shelters. Among these pooches is Tofu, a four-month-old dog rescued from a Romanian kill shelter.

Tofu’s healing journey

Her owners have a hard time understanding what Tofu’s needs are because she has a hard time communicating with them. She had difficulty adjusting to her new living environment, which explains why her behavior was a lot different from the other family dog.

Tofu spends most of her time sleeping on her owner’s bed. She doesn’t enjoy walks that much, but she would dash out of the house the moment it snows. Tofu would roll in it, eat it, and hug it as if it were a giant marshmallow. Her owners let her do these things because they believe it’s her way of healing from her traumatic experience.

Passion for flowers

Tofu’s owners took her to a flower field when she was eight months old. They were surprised to see her hop on the field and take a seat in the middle as if wanting to take everything in. She would sit far from her owners and allow herself to be embraced by the field of flowers. This would usually last for an hour.

According to her owner, she’s at her happiest when she’s surrounded by flowers. Luckily, her owner managed to capture some photos of her healing journey and passion for these colorful blooms.

Credits to Floof Couture


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