Buster is a beautiful cocker spaniel mix, who unfortunately spent his first year chained outside all day. Severely neglected, Buster was extremely lonely and had deep wounds around his neck.

At only one year old, Buster the cocker spaniel was desperate to escape this chained up life. One day he freed himself and fled.

He was found and unfortunately he was then brought back to his neglectful home.

This time the chain was wrapped around his neck, causing deeper, infected wounds. Buster also had patches of bare skin everywhere.

Luckily, Buster’s story changes for the better. PETA fieldworkers came across the cocker spaniel, and the owners handed him over.

PETA administered emergency care on the dog and helped him to heal. After becoming physically and emotionally well again, Buster was ready to find a new home.

Around Christmas time, PETA found the perfect home for Buster. His new owners, Nile and Doris Gomez of Virginia, couldn’t wait to meet their new pet. Check out Buster’s incredibly heart warming story in the video below.

The video shows Buster’s grim former life, then his rescue and recovery. Finally, it’s adoption day.

We meet Buster’s new owners the same time he does. And then there’s an immediate feeling that everything is going to be just fine for this little pup.

The cocker spaniel is shown running around his new backyard, playing with toys, and receiving lots of cuddles from his new family. It’s incredibly heartwarming.

Nile Gomez explains that dogs should not be left alone, in all kinds of weather, outdoors. He assured Buster will get the love he deserves, the comforts of family life, and lots of pampering.

This couple can’t wait to spoil Buster with Christmas and Birthday presents. They intend to show him the caring that real family life can provide.

They would like the cocker spaniel to be an active part of the family. We wish every pet could be part of such a happy home!

Credits: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) YouTube


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