Most dog owners love to showcase their dog’s tricks and skills to others. As such, they train their dogs for them to compete in dog shows, both local and international.

And, when the day of the competition arrives, both the owner and the dog excitedly showcase their hard work in front of the judges. However, what if your dog suddenly turns into a free spirit, choosing to have fun instead of focusing on adequately completing the courses ahead?

Wow! It’s one giant playground!

Most pooches and their owners walk towards the dog show arena in a dignified manner. Aside from showcasing how well-mannered a dog is, it also allows the pair to study the course in front of them.

However, for a Jack Russell named Olly, the arena is just one big playground for him to frolic and run around.

It turns out, Olly is a contestant in the Rescue Dog Agility competition of Crufts. But, nothing can prepare the audience, the judges, and his fur mom Karen from the next events.

Whoops! My bad!

Olly starts dashing towards the first obstacle of the course: jumping hurdles. The pooch’s dynamic nature got the best of him as he makes a nosedive into the barrier instead of jumping over it.

Surprisingly though, Olly springs back up into action, without a care in the world with what just happened to him.

Weee! I love this!

Not minding his big mistake back there, Olly successfully sprints through the other hurdles. After jumping over them, the pooch immediately went straight to the poles. But, instead of gracefully weaving in and out through them, Olly bypassed most of the poles.

As such, Karen, his owner, signaled for him to make a rerun on the poles.

The playful pooch still chose to bypass some of the poles, so they headed into the other parts of the agility course. Surprisingly, Olly manages to smoothly go inside the tunnel, then off to another hurdle jump.

Now, the pair’s down to the last part of the agility course – going over the ramp. He manages to ascend it in one go, but wait until the moment he reaches the top.

Olly surely isn’t one to bag one of the big awards in the competition considering his hilarious performance, but for sure he caught everyone off-guard with his stint. Continue to watch Olly’s performance until the last second in the video below.

Video Credit: Crufts via YouTube


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