Obedience training is one of the most basic exercises every dog should pass. It serves as their passport into the public world. They could not go inside establishments and enjoy trips to the park if they did not achieve this vital task.

A perfectly obedient dog is every dog owner’s dream. While such a trait is difficult to come across, an owner is fortunate to have a pet with innate obedience.

I’ll wait for you here, dad.

A Labrador took the online world by surprise. While most dog owners can only wish for a dog that obeys their every command, Jackson does what he’s told to do.

This 3-year old pooch sat still outside Altoona’s Target store that day. He patiently waits for his owner who went shopping inside the mart.

Onlookers cannot resist giving the dog a pat on the head for a job well done. As Steve told WTAJ, it seems that everybody loves to take him home, an ironic twist to what this dog experienced a month ago.

Training is the key for a well-behaved pooch.

Jackson would not achieve such amazing feat if not for his fur dad’s persistence.

Steve, Jackson’s owner, uses positive reinforcement to instill discipline in his dog. Giving him tasty treats was Steve’s way of reinforcing the behavior. It turns out his persistence paid off in the end.

Take a look at the cute video clip below.

That event served as another training for Jackson. His owner used to hide himself to check out on Jackson’s reaction amid the distractions. Every single time they go out to a public place, the retriever does not disappoint his owner.

It looks like one has to put in more effort before Jackson ditches his obedience training. But, it seems that the dog only wants to carry his owner’s favor on this.

It serves as his way of saying thank you for adopting him and giving him a forever home.

Thanks to NTD TV  for giving us a chance to read this story.

Video Source: videoinspirational via YouTube


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