There are thousands if not millions of animals all over the world that needs a loving home. Homeless dogs are the ones that need it the most.

Many people understand the need and decide to form non-profit organizations to help rescue these animals off from the streets and abusive homes while giving them the love and care they need.

Hope for Paws is one of them. It’s a non-profit animal rescue team based in Los Angeles, California. They aim to rescue animals, give them the medical attention they need and find them there forever homes.

Hope for Paws was invited by the Costa Rica Dog Rescue team to fly down to Costa Rica and spend one week with the dog rescue team there. The crew from Hope for Paws can volunteer their time with the organization.

The group accepted the offer so they went to Costa Rica to experience an unforgettable moment rescuing homeless animals that they would never forget.

The Hope for Paws worked closely with the Costa Rica Dog Rescue team as they embarked on an incredible journey rescuing homeless animals over and over again. They documented their rescue carefully.

The video below showed all the rescues the two groups made. They were amazed at the transformation the rescued animals have shown after a few encouragements and tender loving care.

It’s also amazing how dogs can forget their hard life in the streets after being shown the love and attention they need at the shelter.

Most dogs are resilient and don’t know how to hold a grudge. They may develop fear and aggression due to the constant need to survive while on the streets. But they transformed into a kind and gentle animals ones they are shows with love and care.

Thanks to Hope for Paws and Costa Rica Dog Rescue Team for giving these animals a chance in life.

Source Hope for Paws via YouTube


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