Labrador going into labor

Labrador going into labor brings a feeling of ambivalence, it’s nerve-wracking and exhilarating altogether.

Any expectant mother can relate to this, and often the anxiety doubles the moment you find out that you’re about to deliver, in the most unlikely places.

Of course at the most inappropriate time of day as well. A Labrador Retrievers mom knows the feeling all too well.

Eleanor Rigby, a service and therapy dog, was about to board the plane to Philadelphia, when all of a sudden she felt something strange. She had lain low and quickly abstained from doing any form of movement.

Dianne Van Atter, the dog’s owner, didn’t pay much attention and went on persuading her canine companions. To hustle for them not to get caught in the business at the airport’s departure area.

Ellie, however, refused to move a muscle and started to whimper. At this point, there’s no denying that Ellie has already started going into labor.

Despite the usual rush, onlookers slowed down to see for themselves the moving scene, and thankfully the Tampa Fire Rescue swiftly rushed to their aid.

Dianne, together with Golden Nugget (the doggie husband) desirously waited as each pup is pushed out, until after three long hours all eight have been born.

This was quite an ordeal, but one that certainly brought so much joy not only to the new parents.

But to those around who witnessed Ellie’s display of courage and excellent composure throughout her delivery.

But a few Moments later, Ellie went on full-mommy duty as she nursed her new-born pups, while Golden Nugget happily and proudly watches over them.

This unexpected event caused the family to miss their flight, but they will all be going home blissfully, hands full of a litter of puppies to gush over.

Watch the video to get a full on details of Ellie’s miracle delivery below:

Source: YouTube


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