Aside from gaining attention and playing outside all day long, dogs particularly love food.

They would basically jump at any opportunity to snack, whether you’re on a beach day out or a routine walk in the park. So imagine this French bulldog’s horror when he found out that he was put on a diet!

Cashew, an adorable white furball, is nothing but a spoiled little mutt. He lives in paradise with his mom, Jennah Michelle, in their Indiana home.

The French bulldog was pampered so much that Jennah would give everything on a whim, from his favorite cheese and Cheerios to big breakfasts every day.

However, the pup’s pampering came to an end when his weight got a little out of control. He became slightly chubby than the healthy dogs his breed. That was when Jennah decided to restrict his calorie intake finally.

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Well, on the first day that Cashew didn’t get his usual amount of breakfast, he just stared at his bowl in disappointment.

It was safe to say that the pooch didn’t approve of this idea at all, most notably since he is basically being taken away from his precious snacks!

That morning, Jennah found Cashew longingly staring at his food bowl. He was so amusing to watch that she decided to record the whole encounter.

In the short clip, Jennah told Cashew that his breakfast was gone and that he would receive another round of food during dinner.

Cashew did not take it very well. He barked a little as a response, and Jennah kept explaining why he couldn’t get another round. When she mentioned the word “diet,” Cashew just loses it.

He barked and howled in a hilarious attempt to change his mom’s mind. He was so amusing to watch that his short video is now on 6.5 million and counting! Watch his hilarious reaction here.

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