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The job of authorities when dealing with missing dogs becomes more manageable when the dogs have microchips.

The microchip serves as the dog’s identity as essential details about the dog’s family are store in this chip. This is not the case all the time, though, because some dogs with microchips have the most horrible stories.

This pooch named Michael has one of the most depressing stories. Joseph’s Legacy, a rescue group, has tracked the dog’s parents. When the volunteers informed the dog’s owners about Michael, they were not impressed. Instead, the owners messaged the volunteers, saying that the dog is no longer welcome to come home.

Based on the text message, the owner got mad at Michael because the pooch always poops all over the place. At first, the owner gave the dog away, so they thought that was it. It turned out that the pooch went missing after the one they gave Michael to did not notice that the pooch got away.

After reading the text message, the volunteers felt sad for the pooch. For them, no dog deserves this kind of treatment, even if they have imperfections. But while the volunteers got worried, they could not do anything but accept the dog’s fate.

The volunteers are now looking for potential adopters for the dog. At the shelter, the volunteers ensure that the dog’s needs are well taken care of and loved. The volunteers know that Michael is undergoing so many emotions. Thus, the volunteers are helping the dog process these.

At the shelter, Michael showed signs of improvement when it comes to pooping. The dog now knows where to do this natural thing. For the volunteers, this indicates that Michael is trainable. They added that if Michael’s former owners were patient at the dog, Michael would have learned where to poop.

Credits to Joseph Barnett.


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