The Coronavirus pandemic affected our regular daily routine. More people resort to deliveries and curbside pick-up because of the lockdown. The rest of us have to adjust to the new normal – where there is less movement, to ensure that we do not get infected by the virus.

The Huntington beer company based in New York thought of a way to make their beer deliveries more interesting. So Mark ad Karen Huewetter, co-founders of Six Harbors Brewing Company, employed their adorable Golden Retrievers, Buddy, and Barley, as the newest delivery duo in their town.

Then Mark and Karen got the idea of officially letting the dogs deliver the brews to customers. When they saw the reactions of their customers when the furry fellas joined them in deliveries.

Both adorable dogs tagging along with the couple as they sign their packages for the delighted customers. The couple made Buddy and Barley wear necklaces with empty beer bottles (how Saint Bernard dogs wear their barrel of whiskey) and let the two dogs join them for deliveries.

Mark and Karen handle the beer deliveries complete with gloves and masks. The two Golden Retrievers stood by their side and do what they’re “employed to do” – smile, greet the customers, and look cute!

According to Karen, customers loved the presence of Buddy and Barley. Karen then added that their clientele enjoys taking a break from social distancing – and just enjoys the company of the two amazing dogs.

They’d say hello, shake the dogs’ paws, and give them loving pats on the head. Mark and Karen love to have Buddy and Barley with them – in these challenging times, the dogs supported them to make work easier.

As for the Six Harbors Company customers, they are happy they got some ray of light and a little break from the pandemic stress with these two adorable beer delivery boys.

credits: @six_harbors_brewing_company via Instagram


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