Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte just rescued two dogs from getting drowned in the river when they received another notification.

Within the area, people spotted a mama dog and her three puppies living under a shipping container. They pulled over and went to investigate.

Not too far from the park’s entrance, Eldad and Loreta saw several shipping containers. They checked underneath and found the furry family hiding under one of the vessels.

Candy, the mama dog, was skittish at first. She’s nervous, and she refused to come near the rescuers. Unfortunately, Eldad and Loreta didn’t have the equipment that they need to get the pups out. They had no choice but to drive back to Hope For Paws center first and then back to the rescue location.

Once they were back, Eldad and Loreta quickly checked under the container to make sure the furry family is still there. Loreta was able to grab Skittles by hand, and as soon as she did, Candy came out, too. Then Eldad used a pole with a net to get the remaining puppies out.

After Eldad pulled Hershey out, that’s when he realized there were four puppies, not three. Carefully, he fished out Bubblegum and Licorice. Once all the puppies are out, the rescuers placed them in a kennel and drove them to the shelter.

Thousands of fleas swarmed Candy and her babies. They were pretty filthy, too. So to try and make them feel better, the rescue team gave them a warm bath, and they liked it.

Candy, Skittles, Hershey, Bubblegum, and Licorice all felt much better after the bath. Before bedtime, they also had a full meal, which they finished in a few minutes. The following day, the entire family went to their foster home at Foxy and the Hounds.

Candy and her little pack are now all doing good. They will be staying with their foster friends until they are ready to be with their new forever families.

Credits to Hope For Paws


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