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Having a dog by one’s side is like having a best friend at the same time, but sometimes, a loyal dog can go beyond what a best friend can do.

Take this canine, Hawkeye, for example. He could never think of leaving Jon Tumilson, his beloved human buddy, until his death. It seemed as if nothing could ever tear both of them apart, even if it is death that meddles.

Tumilson was a petty officer from Rockford. Unfortunately, he died along with other Navy SEALS when the Afghan insurgents had gunned down the Chinook helicopter they were riding.

According to the officer’s family, he had dreamt of being part of the Navy as early as his childhood. Luckily, he did live his dream and even made a significant contribution to his country because of it.

During Tumilson’s funeral, his family’s attention was captivated by Hawkeye. The beloved canine showed his mourning by lying beside his owner’s coffin.

The moment touched the funeral attendees’ hearts, especially Tumilson’s cousin Lisa Pembleton who immediately took a photo of it. And when Pembleton uploaded it on social media, it went viral, and it yanked at millions of netizens’ heartstrings.

According to Pembleton, she could not stop herself from capturing the bittersweet moment. She said that it was her view throughout the entire funeral.

Tumelson’s family also got touched by their loyal dog’s sweet gesture, whom they also considered Tumelson’s son. Indeed, Hawkeye portrayed his faithfulness and loyalty to his master as he never left his human buddy’s coffin until the end.

Meanwhile, Tumilson’s family decided on letting Hawkeye be taken good care of by Scott Nichols, a close friend of Tumilson. Nichols mentioned that he was also willing to offer the canine a new home.

Hence, Hawkeye would never be alone. Despite this, his master, Tumilson, would always have a special place in his heart.

Source: Mark Duell and Laurie Whitwell via Daily Mail


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