Dogs are genuinely valued companions, famed for their loyalty, and for putting a smile on their owners’ faces. But despite that, there are still humans who abandon their dogs heartlessly.

Just like this story of a dog who was abandoned by the human he fully trusted in. Way up in the observation tower, deep into the rain forest, was a pitbull left on the Bosque Toro Negro tower in Puerto Rico. If not for a Facebook video, the poor pitbull may still be waiting for his owner.

Rescuers were acting on a video on Facebook about a dog who is way up an observation tower. They went on a 30-minute hike in the jungle before they finally reached their destination, the abandoned tower on the island, which is said to house a pitbull.

The rescuers started climbing the tower in search of the unfortunate dog. When they finally saw him, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

They have never seen a dog look as mistreated, depressed, scared, and sad as Ragnar. The poor dog must have been abandoned for around a month already with how debilitated his body looks. They might have come a moment too late.

One of the rescuers carried the poor dog down the tower and back to the clinic for evaluation. They decided to name him after a famous Viking, Ragnar, for the courage and strength he has for surviving alone in the observation tower in the forest. A survivor of being castaway.

Ragnar turned out to be a sweet pitbull. It makes one wonder why he was left in the tower by his owner. The good thing is, Ragnar is recovering with a bright future ahead, and a family ready to love him. Despite what he went through, he is ready to love and play with his future family.

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but what happens when they get abandoned? Will we ever know how they will feel, tirelessly waiting for us to come back, loyal, and trusting to the very end.
Image credits to Second Chance Animal Rescue of Puerto Rico.


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